Soundtoys' Decapitator Plug-In

One of the coolest plug-ins that I have is called "Decapitator" (made by Soundtoys).  It's basically an overdrive plug-in and is as gnarly as its name.  It can sound very mild (like adding a little vintage warmness to your input) or sound very very extreme (like sounding like it's going to blow up).

I'm going to show you the extreme difference that the Decapitator can have on an input.  Last week I tracked some drums for a composition I'm working on that is supposed to sound like it would fit in a car commercial.  The track is supposed to be edgy and wild, while also being kind of playful and fun.  I played a standard shuffle beat, which is somewhat light-hearted, but then used the Decapitator to make it sound like it's growling.  Here are the original drums (with some basic EQ and compression) and the "decapitated" drums.

Now here is the track as a whole