Justin H. Wright has had the privilege of working with these artists/companies: 

  • Britta Turner (producer/engineer/mixer)
  • Bryan Bangerter (producer/engineer/mixer)
  • The Calico Kids (producer/engineer/mixer/drums/keys)
  • Cameron Lewis (producer/engineer/drums/keys)
  • The Coldsons (producer/engineer/mixer/drums/keys)
  • Candor Codes (producer/mixer)
  • The Curious Wonders (producer/engineer/mixer)
  • Evan Amo (producer/engineer/mixer/drums/keys)
  • Fire & Rye (producer/engineer/mixer/drums/keys)
  • Family Wagon (engineer/mixer)
  • James Spaite (producer/engineer/mixer)
  • Joel Mitchell (producer/engineer/mixer/drums/keys)
  • Jon Runion (producer/engineer/mixer/drums/keys)
  • Mason James (producer/engineer/mixer)
  • Meaghan Maples (producer/engineer/mixer)
  • Meg & Bryan (engineer/mixer)
  • Miguel Noche (producer/engineer/mixer/drums/keys)
  • Mount Zion (producer/mixer)
  • A New Normal (producer/engineer/mixer/drums/keys)
  • Scott Stevens (producer/engineer/mixer/drums)
  • Tracy Le (producer/engineer/mixer) 
  • Urban Rescue (producer/engineer/mixer/drums/keys)

Here are several samples of projects that he has produced, mixed, and/or engineered:


Justin H. Wright also has experience in recording live performances.  Since his gear is mobile he can set up and record wherever you would like to perform   Here are several samples of live projects that he have done in the past: