A New Normal is a post-rock/electronic project pioneered by producer/composer Justin H. Wright.  Every composition released by A New Normal is carefully crafted to take the listener on a journey.  Each album is intended to be like a book, leading the listener along a path of transformation through music and emotion.  Instrumental music has the power to lead people through a story that they can individually create in their minds as they listen.  A New Normal provides the soundtrack to your story that is unfolding in the here and now.

You can find A New Normal  on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, BandCamp, and many other platforms.



Featured In

A New Normal  has been marketed via licensing agencies such as The Music Bed, Audiosocket, and Beatpick, and has been featured in over 1000 videos.  If you are interested in using a song by A New Normal please contact Justin H. Wright.  Here are some of those videos:


A New Normal video project

Several years ago, soon after Justin H. Wright had finished his first album {a narrative} , he set out to create films based on each song.  Over the course of two years he shot countless hours of footage (around 600 GB of video) in order to complete a set of films that would accompany the music.  There is a video for each song on the album.  They were all shot and edited very specifically in order to create a very unique experience for listeners/viewers.